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“THE POWER OF GRACE” | Mark Wilson | Body Life

Today Mark Wilson shares his testimony. The power of God’s grace and forgiveness. Connection Card: https://knla.nucleus.church/im-new Giving online: http://www.easytithe.com/nlkittitas Website: http://newlifeassembly.net Next Steps: https://knla.nucleus.church/next-steps

“LOVE” | Rebecca Thomas | Word with Us 4.0

This year as we look forward to Christmas, we will be doing an Advent Teaching Series called, “Word with Us”. This will be unique because everything Jesus did was unique! Throughout our Advent series, we will be seated as a community around tables to engage with the message and discuss what we’re learning with others in our church body. We will be focusing on the Word (Jesus) while studying the words of Christmas: Peace, Hope, Joy, & Love. As we…

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The Promise

Take my hand and walk with me,      I will show you how to fight this enemy.Take my hand, don’t be afraid,      I know, too well, the bruises and the scars that he has made. Take my hand and walk with me,      I will help you fight the fight that will set you free.Take my hand, don’t be afraid,      I know, too well, the pain that broken promises have made. Take my hand…

It’s Pastor Appreciation Month!

Happy October everyone! It is once again the time of year when leaves turn to vivid oranges, reds and yellows, pumpkin spice is everywhere and our pastors are reminded how much we appreciate the amount of work they do every week! New Life is Celebrating all month so be sure to tell our wonderful pastors how much you appreciate them! Thank you Gary and Rebecca for all that you do!

Volunteer Opportunities!

Are you looking for somewhere you can make a difference in our community? Wonderful! We are so grateful for your enthusiasm, we have two new opportunities to make a huge impact in our community. The Food Pantry needs volunteers, and as Fall and Winter start in ernest we are looking for volunteers for the Cold Weather Shelter. If you or someone you know is interested in either opportunity follow this link https://knla.nucleus.church/serve


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