Special Messages - 2019

Special Messages - 2019

Growing Faith – in one word

Deuteronomy 4-12, In considering Moses final instructions to the Israelites as they prepared to finally enter the Promised Land, we apply these truths to the wilderness experiences in our own lives. God’s faithfulness never changes; His promises are true. REMEMBER every example of His faithfullness in your life, obey His Commands.  When we find ourselves in hard places as a result of our own choices or the choices of others, remember every time God has delivered you in the past. …

Body Life Service

Welcome to those joining this service to an opportunity to hear from four individuals who share their unique and moving stories of Jesus Christ in their lives.  In addition to learning about the Chi Alpha Campus Ministry, the testimony of each man and woman encourages us to consider our relationships with each other and to remind us of the grace and power of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to change our lives and our world!

World Changers – Mission Kittitas Valley

Romans 12:2 “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptavle and perfect will of God.” If we want to be world changers.. – We start by letting Jesus change our identity first. – We start by speaking and living boldly. – We start by inviting the Holy Spirit to change how we view others. – We start by allowing Jesus to…

Easter – Why Christianity

Religious belief is simply belief applies to things of a religious nature.  So, why am I a Christian? When Jesus died, those closest to him believed that he was dead.  His closest followers lost faith in who he was. Then He rose from the dead. They saw His face, the scars of nails and thorns and spear. Then they believed!  God has given proof to everyone of who Jesus is by raising him from the dead.  When He died, no…