Sermons on Jeremiah

Sermons on Jeremiah

One Day to Feed the World

Once a year we partner with Convoy of Hope to help feed over 300,000 children locally and around the world. One hundred percent of today’s offering is used to help feed those in need.

Pride or Humility

Jeremiah 17:5-8 – Pain hurts. How’s that for wisdom? But it’s true. Pain really, really hurts, and nobody likes to hurt. In fact, we’ll do just about anything to eliminate pain in our life.  Many of us also have a sense that God wants to teach us lessons as we go through life’s pain and hardships. Frankly though, we’re often not sure what He is trying to teach us so we fail to respond appropriately.  Join us in the month of…

Getting Unstuck In My Future

Are you feeling “Stuck” in some area of your life? Are your family, faith, career, friendships, and finances all where you would like them to be? If not, join us this Sunday for our new sermon series as we discover God’s plan for getting “unstuck”. We’ll explore the biblical principles for experiencing the transformed life that God promises us in Christ! Move past “just getting by” to living the transformed life described in Romans 12:1-2. This 6 week series specifically addresses…