New Lead Pastors!

Welcome to our Co-Lead Pastors, Pam and George Beers! This last Sunday, June 26th, our members voted overwhelmingly for George and Pam to be our co-lead pastors. We are thrilled to have them join our family here in Kittitas and make the valley their home. As you can assume, it takes time to move and get settled, so they’ll be starting at New Life in the beginning of August. Big thanks to our church staff, the board, the search committee,…

The Promise

Take my hand and walk with me,      I will show you how to fight this enemy.Take my hand, don’t be afraid,      I know, too well, the bruises and the scars that he has made. Take my hand and walk with me,      I will help you fight the fight that will set you free.Take my hand, don’t be afraid,      I know, too well, the pain that broken promises have made. Take my hand…

Volunteer Opportunities!

Are you looking for somewhere you can make a difference in our community? Wonderful! We are so grateful for your enthusiasm, we have two new opportunities to make a huge impact in our community. The Food Pantry needs volunteers, and as Fall and Winter start in ernest we are looking for volunteers for the Cold Weather Shelter. If you or someone you know is interested in either opportunity follow this link https://knla.nucleus.church/serve

Sunday Service Information

SUNDAY SERVICE INFORMATION We are so excited that THIS SUNDAY, June 28th we are resuming in person services here in Kittitas! In order to do so, there are guidelines and requirements that we will be adhering to in order to protect each other from this virus, as well as honoring our state officials.  We will also be live streaming our service via Facebook (New Life – Kittitas) and via https://knla.online.church. YouTube video will nor be available until later in the week. We…

Tuesday Tip: Biblical Genres

Each week, we’ve been trying to share some content to give practical tips or devotions for you all! This Tuesday we talked about genres in the Bible! Have you ever thought about there being genres in the Bible? Even when we’re studying a book of the Bible it seems like we don’t use that word as often, feels too “English class-esque” right? We introduced the idea basics that are 8 basic genres throughout scripture; Old Testament Narrative, Old Testament Law,…

Thanks Patti!

Patti Beard is a faithful servant for every and anything it seems. Today she helped Rebecca SO MUCH by assembling the packets for the Annual Business Meeting! Thank you so much for your faithfulness!