Sermon Quotes

Sermon Quotes

Make a Bold Move

Rebecca spoke last Sunday about Elijah’s boldness in handling the different situations. God was speaking to you on Sunday about what He wanted you to do in regards to practicing obedience and being bold; whatever that looks like for you. Have you done what He asked this week? In the busyness of summer and kids and work and life, don’t allow what God has asked you to do slide by. In summer it is so easy to get complacent, don’t…

Teaching Quote: Rebecca Thomas

To be WALKING IN God’s will: We have to go ALL IN and give God control over every aspect of our lives. We have to let the Holy Spirit transform and renew us. We have to switch from an “I” to a “WE” mentality – what affects one of us affects ALL of us.

Teaching Quote

Teaching Quote for the Week! While we’ve been going through our series in Romans, Gary challenged us this week to be aware of the Holy Spirit and how He speaks to us on a daily basis. Are you tuning in to the voice of the God? Or are you listening to your own thoughts and desires?

What About Money?

This last Sunday in our “Stress to Rest” series, Gary talked about how we stress about our finances and what are steps we can take to live by Biblical principles so that we are resting in God’s provision and stewarding our money well. “Prosperity in our finances isn’t for us, but for the Kingdom of God… What can I do for God with my finances?”
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