Announcements (Page 5)

Announcements (Page 5)

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ONE Service!!

Hey friends! If you came to see us on Easter you’ll notice we had two service for the special occasion (good thing we did too!) This we we’re back to our regular one service at 10:30AM!

Youth Building Work Days

Is anyone available to come help work in the youth building? We’re down to just a few more projects before we can install the carpet and reoccupy. Let’s get this done! I’ll be here on Saturday 1/27 from 10am – 1pm, and on Monday during the day. I’d love to have you join me for whatever block of time you’re able. -Gary

New Teaching Series

New Years is a good time to re-examine our lives. What’s my current course and trajectory? If I continue on in this direction relationally, financially, emotionally, and spiritually… will I be where I want to be come the end of 2018? Join us at New Life – Kittitas for the next four weeks as we go through a teaching series called ‘Starting Over’. We’ll look at how Jesus desires the regrets in our lives to be positive springboards for change…