Tuesday Tip: Biblical Genres

Tuesday Tip: Biblical Genres

Each week, we’ve been trying to share some content to give practical tips or devotions for you all!

This Tuesday we talked about genres in the Bible! Have you ever thought about there being genres in the Bible? Even when we’re studying a book of the Bible it seems like we don’t use that word as often, feels too “English class-esque” right?

We introduced the idea basics that are 8 basic genres throughout scripture; Old Testament Narrative, Old Testament Law, Wisdom Literature, Psalms, Prophets, New Testament Narrative, Letters/Epistles, and Revelation.

Each week we’ll break down some of the information of one of the genres. It’s important to understand context, historicity, and intent behind the different books of the Bible because it is one of the things that makes scripture so beautiful! The nuance of different authorship telling God’s story throughout the Old and New Testament is what makes it so unique.

As you read scripture, look for different genres that you notice. You may even find genre within a different book genre.