Past Events

Past Events

Dec 24, 2020

Candle Light Christmas Eve

Join us this evening for our Candle Light Christmas Eve service! In-person, with more seating, or listen to the live audio stream found on YouTube and Facebook!
Nov 29 – Dec 20, 2020

Come to Worship

“Everything changed in a moment. When Jesus was born, He gave us the chance to be known, accepted, and forgiven. When we are made into a New Creation and experience His love, we realize that not only was Jesus born to be worshiped, but we were born to worship Him! This powerful four-week series teaches different ways to worship God including lifting your hands, bringing your gifts, pouring out your heart, and bowing before Him.”
Nov 22, 2020

One Day to Feed the World

Our annual One Day to Feed the World is here again! The idea is that you calculate how much you make in one day and give that as an offering that goes 100% to feeding impoverished children.
Nov 15, 2020

Body Life Service!

Next Sunday the 15th we’re having our semi-biannual Body Life Service, where members of our congregation speak about how God has been working in their lives!
Nov 14, 2020

Membership Class

If you call New Life your home you should consider taking a membership class.
Oct 31 – Nov 1, 2020

Trunk or Treat!

Happy October! New Life is participating in Kittitas’ annual Trunk or Treat! Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we cannot host our usual Harvest Carnival, but at 5PM, October 31 we will be packing the streets of our city with Trunks full of goodies! Sign-Up to Participate
Oct 24, 2020

Youth Conference

Annual Youth Conference! October 24, 8AM-5PM one day event! $35 Registration fee, Registration Details with Rebecca!
Aug 23, 2020

Good, bad, & the Ugly: Lessons from people in the Bible

For our teaching series this summer we will be digging into looking at the lives of different people throughout the Bible. Sometimes in the summer it’s nice to have stand alone messages that don’t build on each other so that we can dig in each week. It’s no secret that many of the stories throughout scripture would be examples of what NOT to do versus what to do, but we’re excite to look at the good, the bad, and the…