Kittitas, WA

The Merciful One

King David is one of the most familiar and beloved characters in the Bible. The stories that surround his life are legendary: taking on Goliath, having an adulterous affair, dancing shamelessly before God, and facing the unimaginably betrayal of his own son. But to remember this stories simply as stories is to miss their transforming power in our lives. King David was called to be a regent of God. He stood before the world as an example of God’s justice, love and grace. But behind every pound of faith that was in David there lay an once of failure. David stands for all followers of Jesus Christ; examples of God’s work in this world but broken examples at that. What we discover in David’s story is that it is not how many times we fall down that counts, but rather, what we pick up when we are down that matters. Join us this fall as we let the Story of David get in us as we get in the story.