My Future

My Future

Matt 11:28-29,  Everyone deals with stress. Maybe it’s your job, your finances, your family,  your future, or…   Stress has been called America’s number one disease.  Isn’t it time to escape the fractured, stress-filled existence? New Life – Kittitas will begin 2019 with a five-part series designed to help stressed-out people find rest.  You’ll walk away with practical answers and real help.

The brand new teaching, Stress to Rest will cover five of the top life stresses:

My Future’: the stress of the uncertainties of life,

My Finances’: the steps necessary to eliminate money stress,

My Sex Life’: debunk myths with a road-map to an exciting, stress-free sex life

My Job’: find satisfaction in your work

My Faith’: puts the religious stress to rest with stress-busting truth

Join us each week of the ‘Stress to Rest’ series as we tackle one topic after another and discover Biblical truths that will bring you much needed rest.

See you at church this Sunday, 10:30 am