Sermons on Pain

Sermons on Pain

Pride or Humility

Jeremiah 17:5-8 – Pain hurts. How’s that for wisdom? But it’s true. Pain really, really hurts, and nobody likes to hurt. In fact, we’ll do just about anything to eliminate pain in our life.  Many of us also have a sense that God wants to teach us lessons as we go through life’s pain and hardships. Frankly though, we’re often not sure what He is trying to teach us so we fail to respond appropriately.  Join us in the month of…

The Great Christian Hope

Isaiah 65-66 – Isaiah is like a miniature Bible. The first thirty-nine chapters (like the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament) are filled with judgment. Judah has sinned; the surrounding nations have sinned; the whole earth has sinned. They had made a mess of their lives, judgment was coming. But the final twenty-seven chapters (like the twenty-seven books of the New Testament) declare a message of hope. The Messiah is coming as a Savior and a Sovereign to bear a…

Living Before the Crux of History

Why does the Gospel of John seem so different from the other three gospels and what does its uniqueness have to do with us today? Join us over the next 12 weeks as we discover how John wrote his gospel not primarily so people would know about Jesus, but so they could KNOW Jesus. John structured his Gospel so that the glory of Jesus Christ might be revealed, leading us to believe. John’s gospel shines a spotlight on who the…

How Do I Allow This Pressure to Make Me a Diamond?

When hope is diminished, when vision has blurred, what people need is leadership. The Old Testament exemplar, Nehemiah, is a living example of how leadership, faith, vision and perseverance merge and the results are historic. Join us this fall as we learn how to earth God’s vision into our own lives and the lives of those around us.