Sermons on Missions

Sermons on Missions

I <3 My Church: The Hope of the World

On week 4 of our “I Love My Church” series, we’re looking at the big picture of what one of the main purposes is for the church. Why did Jesus choose this method to spread His message? What’s the point?

Living a Life of Committed Focus

When death nears, priorities change. The urgent no longer seems pressing while the truly important becomes clearer. That is why we listen to a person’s “last words.” Second Timothy is Paul’s “last words.” From a cold, lonely Roman prison, the aged apostle Paul wrote his final instructions to his protégé Timothy who was surrounded by a culture hostile to the gospel. Timothy tended to be timid rather than stand boldly for Jesus. And, he tended to get wrapped up with…

Your Values-Your Future

Why does the Gospel of John seem so different from the other three gospels and what does its uniqueness have to do with us today? Join us over the next 12 weeks as we discover how John wrote his gospel not primarily so people would know about Jesus, but so they could KNOW Jesus. John structured his Gospel so that the glory of Jesus Christ might be revealed, leading us to believe. John’s gospel shines a spotlight on who the…
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