Sermons on Discipline

Sermons on Discipline

Evil & Empire: The Book of Revelation

As we continue to go through our study of Revelation, we look at the theme that John draws through his book regarding the evil of empire. What does that mean for us now? 

The New You Financially

Discover God’s “New You” perspective on the key areas of your personal health: physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, and financial.

The New You Physically

YOU’RE INVITED TO A NEW TEACHING SERIES AT NEW LIFE – KITTITAS.   DISCOVER GOD’S PLAN FOR BETTER SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL, FINANCIAL, AND RELATIONAL HEALTH. Fulfillment, purpose, and vibrancy start to slip away with the never-ending demands of life and work. As 2020 begins, you’re invited to a new teaching series at New Life – Kittitas to discover God’s “New You” perspective on the key areas of your personal health: physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, and financial.