Sermons on Connecting with Others

Sermons on Connecting with Others

Body Life Service

About once a year or so we have members of our congregation speak to us about how God is moving in their lives. Today is that day! We hear from Colleen Steward, Katie Potter, Dan Rodarme, and Nick Faucett about depression, God’s providence, vulnerability, and the incredible amount of joy allowing God to truly be Lord of your live brings

Guest Speakers: Ben and Natalia

Ben and Natalia have been working in Argentina mobilizing and discipling Argentinians to go to the unreached people groups who have never heard of Jesus throughout the world. This Sunday they’ll share what God has been doing AND what is next for them as they are wrapping up their itinerating for support. ❤️❤️❤️

I <3 My Church: The Hope of the World

On week 4 of our “I Love My Church” series, we’re looking at the big picture of what one of the main purposes is for the church. Why did Jesus choose this method to spread His message? What’s the point?

I <3 My Church: Making a Difference

As we continue through our series about what the church is, week 3 will be looking at the purpose of the church. What was the intent? Why does the church exist?

I <3 My Church: Who Is the CHURCH

We all have misconceptions about “church” that hopefully we can clear up and learn together about what it means to be part of the community of God.

The New You Emotionally

Discover God’s “New You” perspective on the key areas of your personal health: physical, spiritual, emotional, relational, and financial.

Learning From the Angels

ADVENT TEACHING SERIES Join us on Sunday mornings this December and share in the discovery that we all play a part in the incredible Christmas story! During the four weeks of Advent leading up to Christmas, we will experience the anticipation of the prophets, the joyful proclamation of the angels, the journey of the shepherds and wise men to honor Jesus. And, we’ll learn how all of those guide and direct us to how we can prepare for and celebrate…