Sermons on biblical love

Sermons on biblical love

PEACE | Rebecca Thomas | WORD WITH US 1.0

We will be focusing on the Word (Jesus) while studying the words of Christmas; Peace, Hope, Joy, & Love. As we look at these themes through scripture, we will focus on the ways that Jesus fulfills those in the world and in our lives.

“SEXUAL HOLINESS” | Gary Bye | 1 Thessalonians 4.0

Join us as we study Paul’s letter to the Thessalonian church. Paul encourages this growing church to stand firm in their commitment to Jesus despite opposition and suffering. Paul further directs the Thessalonian Christians and us to base our lives on the hope in the future return of King Jesus.

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: The Good

We are starting a new teaching series looking at the lives of various people of the Bible; the good, the bad, & the ugly! We kick off this series looking at “the good.” Actually, it’s the best, the only one who is truly good.

Exiles: 1 Peter 5

Gary Bye continues our series on 1 Peter with discussing why Peter ties in church leadership to this letter that is focused on joy, holiness, and loving others well.

The Secret to Lasting Joy

ADVENT TEACHING SERIES Join us on Sunday mornings this December and share in the discovery that we all play a part in the incredible Christmas story! During the four weeks of Advent leading up to Christmas, we will experience the anticipation of the prophets, the joyful proclamation of the angels, the journey of the shepherds and wise men to honor Jesus. And, we’ll learn how all of those guide and direct us to how we can prepare for and celebrate…

Love, 8 Tough Questions and 3 Hard Truths

Paul’s letter to the Romans has been called the greatest letter ever written. The great reformer Martin Luther called Romans the most important piece of the New Testament and the purest gospel. Paul’s letter to the Romans sparked the Protestant Reformation and continues to captivate the masses. Romans explains how the gospel is a whole new way of thinking. Over the next 8 weeks New Life Church will journey into the heart of that Christian gospel as we learn together…