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Fall Life Groups

Life Groups are the friends you grow, laugh and serve with. People are designed to thrive in community with others as we grow closer to Jesus. While many attend New Life gatherings each weekend, the heart of our church is Life Groups. We believe that growth happens in smaller settings throughout the week in addition to our weekend gatherings.

Which one of these groups may be right for you?

Men’s Groups

Men’s Group:  Paul’s Second Letter to Timothy
The second letter to Timothy offers a picture of Paul at the end of his ministry, just before his death. Certain personal details in the letter reveal a man settling his accounts and preparing for the inevitable. At the close of the letter, Paul mentioned a significant number of people—some who had wronged him and others who had served faithfully alongside him (2 Timothy 4:9–21). It is as if Paul were giving Timothy a “state of the church” address, updating Timothy on the current state of their acquaintances and friends so that the young pastor could carry on after Paul’s departure.

  • This 8 week men’s study meets at New Life Assembly every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30 PM.

Women’s Groups

Your Weakness, God’s Strength: Gideon & the Sufficiency of God

When we hear the name Gideon, most of us think about his 300 soldiers or the fleece he laid out under the evening sky. But Gideon’s story is so much bigger than that—bigger than any one man and his mark on Israel’s history. Like everything else in the Bible, this is a story about God and His people. His love for them, as well as His strength operating in spite of their weakness—even through their weakness. And because God’s people includes you and me, Gideon’s story is also about us—our lives, our doubts, our struggles, and our possibilities as believers. From a state of fear, weakness, and insecurity, Gideon emerged as Israel’s hero, filled with God’s presence and His passion for deliverance. This study will encourage you to recognize your weakness as the key that the Lord gives you to unlock the full experience of His strength in your life. In what ways do you feel insufficient? Those places create the greatest opportunity to experience the sufficiency of God. Instead of ignoring, neglecting, or trying to escape your weaknesses, see them as the gifts that they are, given specifically and strategically by God to unlock the door of God’s strength.

  • This women’s group meets every Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00 at New Life Church. Contact Deanna Hamilton for more information at 206-769-6358.

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(W)holy Health: Women’s workout!

Need some friends to keep you accountable to work out? Join other women to do some fun workouts through BeachBody on Demand. Sweat and laugh and get to know other women!

  • This group meets Monday and Thursday mornings at 9AM at New Life Church

She Brews:  Women’s coffee, prayer, and support.  Meets the 1st and 3rd Fridays. Location varies. Contact Deanna Hamilton at 206-769-6358 for more information.

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Other Pages Book Club:
Meets once a month, location varies.  Contact Jackie Charlton at 509-899-0095 for more information.

Other Pages

 Mixed Gender Groups

Young(ish) Families: The Christian Atheist; Believing in God, but Living as if He Doesn’t Exist 

“The more I looked, the more I found Christian Atheists everywhere.” Former Christian Atheist Craig Groeschel knows his subject all too well. After over a decade of successful ministry, he had to make a painful self admission: although he believed in God, he was leading his church like God didn’t exist. To Christians and non-Christians alike, to the churched and the unchurched, the journey leading up to Groeschel’s admission and the journey that follows—from his family and his upbringing to the lackluster and even diametrically opposed expressions of faith he encountered—will look and sound like the story of their own lives. Now the founding and senior pastor of the multicampus, pace-setting, Groeschel personal journey toward a more authentic God-honoring life is more relevant than ever. Christians and Christian Atheists everywhere will be nodding their heads as they are challenged to take their own honest moment and ask the question: am I putting my whole faith in God but still living as if everything was up to me?

  • This 8 week study is facilitated by Nate & Rebecca Thomas.
  • Group meets at New Life Assembly every Monday evening from 6:00-8:00 PM. 
  • Child Care Available

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Parenting Through the Phases: You only know your kids once in the phase they’re in now

You have approximately 936 weeks from the time your child is born until he or she moves on to what’s next. It goes by fast, and kids change and grow quickly.

This small group study will help you discover what’s changing about your kid, the six things your kid needs most, and four conversations to have with your kid while they are in each phase.

  • Child-care is available
  • This group will meet at 9:00AM on Sundays at New Life Assembly in Kittitas – drop off children at 8:45AM
  • Facilitated by Lorie Ames
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When Helping Hurts – A study of effective ways to alleviate poverty

Churches and individual Christians typically have faulty assumptions about the causes of poverty, resulting in the use of strategies that do considerable harm to poor people and themselves. Don’t let this happen to you, your ministry or ministries you help fund! A must read for anyone who works with the poor or in missions, When Helping Hurts provides foundational concepts, clearly articulated general principles and relevant applications. The result is an effective and holistic ministry to the poor, not a truncated gospel.

Contact Mary Ann to sign up or for more information at 509-859-3257.

  • Group meets on Tuesday evenings, 6:30, at Mary Ann Walling’s home.

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Kings and Chronicles: young adult Bible study  Come hang out with people ages 18-26 for some warm soup and Bible study. Study led by Tamie Laukala and.  509-899-1265

  • Group meets on Mondays at 6 pm at Glenda Kallas’s home in Ellensburg.

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Paul’s Letter to the Corinthian Church  First Corinthians addresses reports that Paul received from Chloe’s household, as well as a letter he received from the church itself. In this letter to the church at Corinth, Paul covered a number of different issues related to both life and doctrine: divisions and quarrels, sexual immorality, lawsuits among believers, marriage and singleness, freedom in Christ, order in worship, the significance of the Lord’s Supper, and the right use of spiritual gifts; he also included a profound teaching on the resurrection.

  • Group meets on Monday evenings from 6:30 – 8:00 PM at Sky and Kari Shelton’s home. 509-856-4907

Starting Point: A conversation about faith

Everything has a starting point—your life, your relationships, your education, your career.

Sometimes we forget that faith has a starting point as well. For some of us, our faith journeys began in childhood as a set of beliefs handed to us by a parent, teacher, or pastor. Maybe you developed a framework of faith based on personal experience. Or maybe you had no faith at all. Too often, a faith formed in childhood isn’t strong enough to withstand the pressures of adult life.

But what if you could find a new starting point for faith?

Welcome to Starting Point – an 8-session small group conversation about faith (DVD/digital video sold separately). Whether you’re new to faith, curious about God, or coming back to church after some time away, it’s a place where your opinions and beliefs are valued, and no question is off limits.

  • Group is led by Gary Bye and meets at Gary’s home on Sunday evenings at 5:00 pm

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Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World

Over the past few decades, studies have shown that Americans are the most anxious people in the world. We take the most medication for it, see doctors to treat it, and spend fortunes trying to relieve it. How have we let our fears get the better of us? In Anxious for Nothing, Max Lucado leads readers to reflect on the promises of Philippians 4:4-8. This passage from Paul’s epistle contains an antidote to anxiety that will help you develop a mindset of resilience. Rediscover the power of prayer and take control of your thoughts. You can rest in “the peace of God,which surpasses all understanding.”

  • This 9 week study is hosted by David and Marion James at their home in Kittitas and is facilitated by David.
  • Group meets Sunday evenings at 6 pm.

Stuck: The Places We Get Stuck & the God Who Sets Us Free  

We are often so stuck in invisible struggles in our hearts and minds, we barely have space for God.These deep struggles, these stuck places, are familiar to every one of us: brokenness, anger, discontentment, fear, and sadness. Stucktakes onthese struggles within us so that we can encounter God. Because until we recognize that we are stuck and in need of God, we will misswhat He has for us.

  • This 6 week study is lead by Tamie and Jeff Laukala
  • Group meets at Tamie and Jeff Laukala’s home every Monday evening at 6:30PM

Answers in Genesis

Answers in Genesis is an apologetics study, dedicated to Christians defend their faith and proclaim the Gospel effectively. We focus on providing answers to questions about the Bible—particularly the book of Genesis—regarding key issues such as creation, evolution, science, and the age of the earth.

  • This group meets on Tuesday evenings at 6:30PM @ New Life Church
  • Facilitated by Amber Badgerow (360)-597-8885

Adult Sunday School Class: Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

  • Group meets on Sunday mornings at the church from 9:00-10:00 AM and is led by John Konvalin and Sky Shelton.

Saturday Morning Prayer Group     

You’re invited every Saturday morning from 8-9 am to come join a prayer group at the church. The church sanctuary will be open as we pray for our church, our community, our leaders, and our world.

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