Life Groups

Life Groups

Life Groups are the friends you grow, laugh and serve with. People are designed to thrive in community with others as we grow closer to Jesus. While many attend New Life gatherings each weekend, the heart of our church is Life Groups. We believe that growth happens in smaller settings throughout the week in addition to our weekend gatherings.

Which one of these groups may be right for you?

Men’s Groups

The Book of 1 Peter
Peter offers hope to persecuted Christians and guides them with practical instruction on living life consistent with following Jesus.

  • This 8 week men’s study meets at New Life Assembly every Wednesday evening from 7:00-8:30 PM.


Women’s Groups

“God of Creation” by Jen Wilkin

The opening lines and chapters of Genesis teach us fundamental truths about God. We watch Him bring light after darkness, order after chaos, and rest after toil—all through the power of His Word.

Over 10 sessions of verse-by-verse study, dive into the first 11 chapters of Genesis by following three critical stages of understanding: comprehension, interpretation, and application. Teaching videos are key in understanding this study. Revisit familiar stories and historical figures, challenge your basic knowledge, and discover deeper meanings in the text. As God reveals Himself through Scripture, we can only begin to understand ourselves when we first glimpse the character, attributes, and promises of our Creator.


  • Leader helps to guide questions and discussions within small groups
  • Personal study segments with homework to complete between 10 weeks of group sessions
  • Teaching videos that build upon and tie together the personal study available for purchase or rent (30 to 35 minutes per session)
  • Verse-by-verse study for comprehension, interpretation, and application


  • Discover what the Bible says about God, His character, and attributes.
  • Learn to love God with your mind as well as your heart through intentional study.
  • Challenge your basic understanding of familiar stories through three critical stages of understanding: comprehension, interpretation, and application.
  • Gain knowledge of yourself by first understanding God as He has revealed Himself through Scripture.
  • This women’s group meets every Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8:00PM at New Life Church. Contact Deanna Hamilton for more information at 206-769-6358.

(W)holy Health: Women’s workout!

Need some friends to keep you accountable to work out? Join other women to do some fun workouts through BeachBody on Demand. Sweat and laugh and get to know other women!

  • This group meets Mondays @ 10AM and Thursdays @ 9AM at New Life Church

“Gideon” by Priscilla Shirer

Recognize Your Weakness To Experience God’s Strength In Your Life

A 7-session Study by Best-Selling Author Priscilla Shirer
When we hear the name Gideon, most of us think about his 300 soldiers or a fleece spread beneath the evening sky. But Gideon’s story is so much bigger than that. This is a story about God and His people—His love for them, as well as His strength operating in spite of, even through, their weakness.

This 7-session study will encourage you to recognize your weakness as the key that the Lord gives you to unlock the full experience of His strength in your life. Instead of ignoring, neglecting, or trying to escape your weaknesses, learn to see them as the gifts given specifically and strategically by God. If you’ve ever felt insufficient, ill-equipped, incompetent, or outnumbered, this study is for you.

  • This group meets Mondays at 11AM at the church – Contact Rebecca Thomas 253-350-1892


She Brews:  Women’s coffee, prayer, and support.  Meets the 1st and 3rd Fridays. Location varies. Contact Deanna Hamilton at 206-769-6358 for more information.

she brews


Other Pages Book Club: Meets once a month, location varies.  Contact Jackie Charlton at 509-899-0095 for more information.

Other Pages

Mixed Gender Groups

Starting Point

Everything has a starting point – your life, your relationships, your education, your career.

Sometimes we forget that faith has a starting point as well. For some of us, our faith journeys began in childhood as a set of beliefs handed to us by a parent, teacher, or pastor. Maybe you developed a framework of faith based on personal experience. Or maybe you had no faith at all. Too often, a faith formed in childhood isn’t strong enough to withstand the pressures of adult life.

But what if you could find a new starting point for faith?

Welcome to Starting Point an 8-session small group conversation about faith. Whether you’re new to faith, curious about God, or coming back to church after some time away, it’s a place where your opinions and beliefs are valued, and no question is off limits.

During the eight sessions, you will:

Use this Starting Point Conversation Guide to reflect on central questions of faith and life.
Watch the video component each week in preparation or as part of the discussion.
Explore and share what you’re learning with other people in a conversational environment.
Come as you are and build relationships with others as you discover your starting point.


  • Start
  • Problem
  • Trust
  • Rules
  • Jesus
  • Grace
  • Faith
  • Invitation
  • Group is led by Gary Bye and meets at Gary’s home on Sunday evenings at 5:00PM

Scattered Servants- A study of effective ways to alleviate poverty

Alan Scott, a leader in the Vineyard Movement, draws upon his years of experience to share inspiring stories of cities transformed by scattered servants. He shares practical ways for church leaders to move beyond the building walls and take the kingdom to those who need it most. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, Scott argues that every believer, not just the leaders, can fill their city, workplace, and family with the beauty and power of Christ. When believers become scattered servants, the Holy Spirit will equip them to advance the kingdom and change lives through their hearts and hands.

Contact Mary Ann to sign up or for more information at 509-859-3257.

  • Group meets on Tuesday evenings, 6:30, at Mary Ann Walling’s home.

 Bible Study – Book of Hebrews
Come join others in reading and studying in depth the book of Hebrews! Study led by Tamie Laukala 509-899-1265

  • Group meets on Mondays at 6:30pm at the Laukala’s home near Kittitas.

Reflections on Sunday
Each Monday join a group of friends to discuss the message the day before. They best way that we can put God’s word into action is to do so with a group of people who can encourage each other to walk out life with Jesus.

  • This group meets on Monday evenings at 6:30PM at Dan and Becky Guenther’s house

“Spirit, Soul, and Body” by Andrew Wommack

Have you ever asked yourself what changed when you were “born again?” You look in the mirror and see the same reflection – your body hasn’t changed. You find yourself acting the same and yielding to those same old temptations – that didn’t seem to change either. So you wonder, Has anything really changed?
The correct answer to that question is foundational for receiving from God. If you lack this basic understanding, you’ll forever ask yourself doubt-filled questions like: “How could God love somebody like me?” and “How can I possibly expect to receive anything from the Lord? I don’t deserve it, I’m not good enough!”
Spirit, Soul, and Body will help you eliminate those and other doubt-filled questions that destroy your faith. If you have trouble receiving from God, this is a must-read!

  • Group meets on Friday evenings, 6:30PM at New Life – Kittias facilitated by Brenda Wall (318) 312-0144

Experiencing God

For more than 15 years, God has used Experiencing God in His work, showing believers how to know Him intimately while encouraging them to step out in faith and join Him in His work with miraculous results. The revised Member Book has been updated with new illustration and testimonial content that demonstrates how this study contributed to some truly miraculous results.

  • This group meets on Sunday 5PM at Jeff & Cindy Strole

Book of Acts: Can we Live like the 1st Century Church? Should we?

Acts is the only biblical book that chronicles the history of the church immediately after Jesus’s ascension. As such, it provides us with a valuable account of how the church was able to grow and spread out from Jerusalem into the rest of the Roman Empire. In only three decades, a small group of frightened believers in Jerusalem transformed into an empire-wide movement of people who had committed their lives to Jesus Christ, ending on a high note with Paul on the verge of taking the gospel to the highest government official in the land—the Emperor of Rome.

  • This group meets on Thursday evenings at 6:30PM at Roger and Kathy Hume’s house

SAIL Class:  Stay Active & Independent for Life

S.A.I.L is an exercise class for adults age 50+. One of the biggest issues for aging men and women is balance and flexibility. The exercises specially geared to strengthen adults so that they can live independently as long as possible.

  • Class is on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:30AM in the New Life Youth Building – contact Julie Lindberg 253-261-6826

Adult Sunday School Class: Letters to the Thessalonians

Group meets on Sunday mornings at the church from 9:00-10:00 AM and is led by Sky Shelton and Brenda Wall

Saturday Morning Prayer Group     

You’re invited every Saturday morning from 8-9 am to come join a prayer group at the church. The church sanctuary will be open as we pray for our church, our community, our leaders, and our world.

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