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Experiencing a Migrant Headache.

As I wait to board my plane to home I thought I’d share a few observations of my experience of being up close and personal with the European refugee crisis. 1. The crisis is complex and fluid. It is politically complex and difficult is keep up with the tsunami of humanity. This is not one stream of humanity flowing from one situation towards a one specific goal. It is more like many rivers joining together to form the Mississippi trying…

A Refugee and Her Story

  Today I heard her story. A woman and her child traveling alone over thousands of miles; and now they wait in holding somewhere in Greece.

Getting to know your neighbor

Posted: Saturday, February 28, 2015 7:25 am Getting to know your neighbor By KEVIN HALL Pastor at New Life Assembly in Kittitas and contributing Columnist The Daily Record | 0 comments One of my favorite movies from the “Movies-You-Love-But-Friends-Hate” category is a film called, “Mars Attacks.” It’s a fleabag, sci-fi parody that majors in stupid humor. In one scene, Glen Close, who plays the first lady of the United States, fumes over the Martians using the Van Buren china. In another…

Reasons to be Thankful

I was sitting in a local restaurant nursing a cup of joe when a couple at an adjoining table began murmuring about local politics. In a matter of minutes I discovered that everybody around me was complaining about one thing or another. Grumbling is apparently sticky. I found myself complaining about the complaining. Imagine, if you will, a giant weigh scale in the middle of Kittitas County. On one side are our collective complaints, on the other side our thanksgivings.…