Men’s Group

Hey guys. Join us this Wednesday evening at 7 as we start men’s group back up for the fall. We’ll be starting off with a 4 week Andy Stanley study on decision making. It’s titled: “Your Move – 4 questions to ask when you don’t know what to do”.  Each one of us has the responsibility for making decisions that will either haunt or bless us for years to come, decisions that will either draw ourselves and others closer to…

Facebook Group Name Change

We’ve recently changed the name of our ‘New Life Assembly’ Facebook Group to ‘New Life Prayer and Share’ to differentiate the group from our Facebook page of the same name. As our culture changes, social media becomes more and more significant in promoting our church and for communicating with our members. We use Facebook to do each of those tasks in different ways, a Facebook group and our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is public and can be seen by…

Thanks for Your Generous Giving

Yesterday’s ‘One Day to Feed the World’ offering was our largest yet. Thank You! New Life Assembly is such a generous community of people. Over 15 thousand meals will be provided thanks to your sacrificial giving. If you missed the opportunity to give Sunday there is still time. Click on the button below. 100% of the money designated ‘One Day to Feed the World’ will go towards feeding people, half locally and the other half globally.

Getting to know your neighbor

Posted: Saturday, February 28, 2015 7:25 am Getting to know your neighbor By KEVIN HALL Pastor at New Life Assembly in Kittitas and contributing Columnist The Daily Record | 0 comments One of my favorite movies from the “Movies-You-Love-But-Friends-Hate” category is a film called, “Mars Attacks.” It’s a fleabag, sci-fi parody that majors in stupid humor. In one scene, Glen Close, who plays the first lady of the United States, fumes over the Martians using the Van Buren china. In another…