Kittitas, WA

22 Reasons I Love My Church



22 REASONS I LOVE MY CHURCH…. The first is Chris Winegar. He spent his day today cleaning the flies out of the church lights. Then there is Ted Bramble, Dale Walling, Mark Hill, and Jeff Laukala who spent their day today building a deck for a widow. Cheryl and Kris Carlson along with Pastor Kevin planted some trees at the church. Linda and Dave Vaver took lunch to a sick person. Scott, Renee, and Joe Moore, David James, John & Amy Kehler, Joy Bye, Roger & Lori Muhler along with Gary, Alex, and Ben all made and served dinner for the community tonight at FISH Food Bank. The thing that gets me is not one of these 22 people expected any recognition for their service. I’m sure many other examples of love from our church body today go unacknowledged. I just happened to know about these 22. The people of New Life Assembly serve our community and bless our church body regularly. They don’t do it for recognition or gain, it is just who they are. We may hear of hate and violence in the news, but I would rather proclaim 22 of the reasons I love my church!