Posts from November 2015

Posts from November 2015

Would You Be Willing to Adopt a Kittitas Child for Christmas?

Many Kittitas Kids will have few or no Christmas gifts this year. Would you like to make a difference in their lives? Adopt a Kittitas kid. We will provide the age, gender, clothing sizes for a local child. You can shop, wrap, and provide smiles.  For consistency, we encourage spending around $75.00 on each child adopted. Contact Tamie Laukala or Pastor Gary if you, your family, or your life group are interested in adopting a child this year.

Have any WSU Cougar Attire Pastor Kevin Can Borrow?

Does anybody have XL Cougar apparel Pastor Kevin can borrow? Hats, sweatshirt, shirt, pants, and socks would all be appreciated. Each year Pastor Kevin and I (Pastor Gary) have a running bet. If the Huskies win the apple cup, I have to wear Husky attire. If the Cougars win, Pastor Kevin must wear WSU attire. Needless to say, I’ve worn purple far more times than I would care to admit. It takes four or five showers to feel clean again.…

Thanks for Your Generous Giving

Yesterday’s ‘One Day to Feed the World’ offering was our largest yet. Thank You! New Life Assembly is such a generous community of people. Over 15 thousand meals will be provided thanks to your sacrificial giving. If you missed the opportunity to give Sunday there is still time. Click on the button below. 100% of the money designated ‘One Day to Feed the World’ will go towards feeding people, half locally and the other half globally.

Christmas According to Jesus

Perhaps you’ve heard about Christmas through the eyes of the shepherds. Or, maybe, you heard of Jesus’ birth from the Magi’s perspective. Or was it from the view of angels or Mary or Joseph or the Old Testament prophets? This Advent season we will prepare our hearts by reflecting on what the 1st Christmas meant to Jesus himself. Join us this Advent as we celebrate the coming of the Messiah in a series entitled, “Christmas According to Jesus” (Hebrews 10:…

One Day to Feed the World

Over 21,000 children die every day of hunger or preventable poverty related diseases. Can we allow such suffering by doing nothing?  Once a year we take a special offering, our largest offering of the year. 100% of the money collected from this offering goes to food. Half is given to FISH Food Bank to feed our local community. The other half is given to Convoy of Hope to feed hungry people worldwide. We encourage each person to give one day’s…

22 Reasons I Love My Church

22 REASONS I LOVE MY CHURCH…. The first is Chris Winegar. He spent his day today cleaning the flies out of the church lights. Then there is Ted Bramble, Dale Walling, Mark Hill, and Jeff Laukala who spent their day today building a deck for a widow. Cheryl and Kris Carlson along with Pastor Kevin planted some trees at the church. Linda and Dave Vaver took lunch to a sick person. Scott, Renee, and Joe Moore, David James, John &…