Kittitas, WA

Red face – Red shoes

red shoesSo Sunday I went to the airport to fly off to Europe to minister to and with the refugees for a couple of weeks. Unfortunately, Europe wouldn’t let me in because although my passport was valid for the duration of the trip it would have expired within 3 months of my return (by mere days). Didn’t know that. They didn’t let me go. So, after much stress and meltdowns and with help from my family I expedited my passport and now going but 2 days late. The good news is that these first 2 days were mostly recouping from jet lag and strategizing. Now, it looks like I will hit the floor running. I’m just grateful to be here awaiting my plane  because there was a real possibility that this whole trip would have been cancelled. Please remember to keep me in prayers. And, folks, Josie Hall is the most wonderful wife in the world and my girls, Hannah, Emily, and Kaisa all pitched in to help me through this time. So blessed.