Upcoming Sermon Series

Upcoming Sermon Series

The Story of David:   Lessons from a Checkered Heart

King David is one of the most beloved and familiar characters found in the Bible.

His stories are legendary: he defeats Goliath with a rock, he falls in lust with a neighbor’s wife, he dances shamelessly in public, he pretends to be insane, and he faces the unimaginably pain of being betrayed by his own son. Epic narrative. But the goal of Scripture is not simply to get us into the story; it is for the story to get into us.

David stands for all Christ followers. Behind every pound of faithfulness found within David lurked an ounce of failure. David’s story tells us that our spiritual journeys are not measured by how many times we fall down. Rather they are measured by what we pick up when we are down there. For all of us who love God with a checkered heart, this is good news. Join us this fall as we get into David’s story while his story gets into us.

Join us this Sunday at 10:30.